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Successful Results in Minimal Time: Affordable Orthodontics for Children & Adults

You may wonder, ‘Will it work for me and my smile?’ Our affordable orthodontic solutions for children and adults correct problems ranging from: simple rotations to TMJ treatment and severe bite problems—allowing Ortho-Tain® doctors to help more people and more age groups achieve the smile of their dreams!

As decades of clinical trials have demonstrated around the world, the majority of the population is a candidate for our affordable orthodontic appliances and TMJ treatment. For patients as young as age 5, Ortho-Tain® offers a preventative solution for straightening their teeth and removing the need for fixed treatment later in life. Ortho-Tain® also offers adult appliances proven to correct much more than just cosmetic flaws in a minimal amount of time and at a fraction of the cost.

Redefining Orthodontics for Children & Teens

Have you been advised not to think about braces for kids until their teenage years? Many parents are surprised to learn that early orthodontic treatment (between the ages of 5 and 7), is the easiest and most effective way to achieve straight teeth and avoid other painful disorders for life.

The science of Interceptive Orthodontics means that your child does not have to endure years of discomfort, shyness, or embarrassment during their school years due to wearing traditional braces. Amazingly, our proven orthodontics for children as young as age 5 provides healthy dentition that will greatly diminish the need for fixed orthodontic treatment or TMJ treatment later in life! Prevention with Ortho-Tain® products is the most cost-effective and least intrusive method of providing affordable orthodontics for children and adults.

Do your children enjoy the spotlight or participate in pageants? This is the ideal method to provide orthodontics for children who want a naturally beautiful, healthy smile, and more self-confidence. With our removable appliances, no one will know they are straightening their teeth.

Find a provider, or take a closer look at the affordable orthodontics for children and adults, TMJ treatment, and other corrections available with Ortho-Tain® products. 

Ages 5-7
Ages 8-12

Ortho-Tain®: Adult Orthodontics That Work

For ages 12 and up, when most of our primary teeth have grown in completely, Ortho-Tain® offers truly effective, affordable orthodontics. Unlike other invisible aligners, our adult orthodontics can actually correct up to 4 mm of overbite, overjet, crowding, rotations, spacing and most TMJ problems.

Imagine enjoying straight teeth without braces and seeing results within 1 to 12 months! By working with your body’s natural forces through easy daily exercises and nighttime wear, a fantastic smile can be achieved in a fraction of the time and cost of fixed treatment and other invisible competitors.


Is TMJ Affecting You?

When the upper and lower teeth do not meet correctly, problems with the TMJ or Temporomandibular Joints usually occur. In fact, undiagnosed TMJ disorders cause millions every year to seek prescription pain pills, muscle relaxants, or even surgery to address the debilitating symptoms. These include chronic headaches, migraines, sinus problems, unrelenting neck pain, among others.

Does it also impact your oral health? Yes! TMJ disorders cause teeth to become loose. It wears teeth down, grinds away enamel, and causes increased decay, fractures and even broken teeth.

Are you or is someone you know suffering from the symptoms of TMJ? Treatment is available from Ortho-Tain®. Is crowding or rotation putting your oral health at risk? Consider the Ortho-Tain® solution for children, teens, and adults that can reduce these symptoms while helping you get the best smile around, in months instead of years.

Snore-Cure® Provides Welcome Relief From Snoring

Snoring is a common interruption to your own sleep and for those around you. The tissue vibrations that cause snoring can also reduce the amount of air intake during sleep, affecting your quality of rest. This annoyance is extremely common, yet a solution for snoring that addresses the causes, not just the symptoms, is readily available from the Snore-Cure®.

Discover how easy this comfortable Snore-Cure® appliance really is, while you enjoy deeply restful sleep. Your household will love the elimination or reduction of snoring noise and you will thrive with truly restful sleep.


Discover Our Patient Success Stories

Parents have prevented their children from having crooked teeth as their teeth came in with Ortho-Tain® appliances.