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Enhancing Smiles for Today and Tomorrow: Advanced Orthodontics for Children and Adults

  When considering your family’s dental health and the possible need for advanced orthodontics- what factors are most important to you? Faster results? Long-term health? Cost? For both patients and doctors, Ortho-Tain® offers an affordable solution to straightening teeth and eliminating the possible need for fixed treatment later in life. More cosmetic dentists, pedodontists, and orthodontists are making Ortho-Tain® products their clear solution for orthodontic treatment in children and adults. Invented and designed by an experienced board certified orthodontist with a lifelong approach to Interceptive Orthodontics and long-term dental health, Ortho-Tain® stands out from its competitors. As Dr. Bergersen, the inventor, explains, "Each of our orthodontic appliances was made to perform the three benefits all orthodontists work to achieve. The first objective is of course, making teeth look nice. "The second objective is to provide correct function, aligning the bite and either avoiding or addressing TMJ problems. This goal is equally as important as the first, because so many patients have more than just superficial issues that would prevent them from being a candidate of other invisible aligners. "Third, even the best solution for orthodontics must also take into consideration how healthy the overall dentition of the patient will be, for the rest of their lives. The proper treatment should prevent any relapse in the retention" -Dr. Bergersen, Orthodontist & Creator of Ortho-Tain®’s removable appliances.

Making the Right Choice for You and Your Children

When making the right orthodontic choice for your family, keep the following factors in mind:

  • ideal cosmetic results
  • faster treatment completion
  • significantly reduced cost
  • achieve ideal bite easily, even in complex cases
  • fewer and quicker office visits

However, there are even more reasons why over 2 million patients, parents and doctors have already opted for Ortho-Tain®'s solutions. Whether young or old, orthodontic treatment can have a long-lasting impact on dental health and self-esteem. 

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As you determine the best orthodontic correction options for your family, consider discussing the following questions with your doctor:

  1. I have heard with other advanced orthodontics options, doctors will suggest postponing treatment until the child is older - do I have to worry about that with Nite-Guide®?

    No, it will not require delaying treatment until your child is older, with the Nite-Guide® appliance, treatment can start with children as early as five years old and will also act as a preventive measure.
  2. Which early orthodontic treatment for children offers lifelong benefits?

    Ortho-Tain® products are the only removable appliances with years of clinical research and studies which support and prove that early treatment with Nite-Guide® & Occlus-o-Guide® provide life-long results and benefits not just a temporary fix.
  3. What impact might traditional braces have on my family's oral health?

    When considering putting traditional braces on a member of your family, things to keep in mind include uncomfortable metal bands, brackets, and wire in the mouth, limited diet, overall pain and discomfort, and lower self esteem.
  4. Which orthodontic treatment would be most effective for straightening my teeth as well as correcting other advanced orthodontics problems?

    When trying to find the best solution, make sure that you are receiving total correction with your orthodontic choice, not just cosmetic results. With Ortho-Tain® products, one can achieve straighter teeth, and correct several other dental-related issues simultaneously.
  5. Will the orthodontic option I select require dental preparation?

    When using Ortho-Tain® products, there is no dental preparation needed. As a removable appliance there is no interference in your overall dental care.
  6. How will this orthodontic option impact my oral health?

    Hopefully, the orthodontic option you choose will improve your overall oral health, treating your whole body not just your teeth. Ortho-Tain® products straighten your teeth and also realigns your profile in order to treat the total body.